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Archive for April, 2009

Teach me SQL injection

Today I’ve given a SQL injection class at the VU University in Amsterdam. I’ve created a website that is vulnerable to SQL injection and I wanted to share this demo/assignment with you.┬áNote that I’ve turned off magic_quotes_gpc to make life a little easier. The assignment is to find out my age. Whenever somebody has deleted […]

Omegle: “next big thing” or hype?

So have you heard of Omegle? It’s a website that lets you chat with a random other visitor of the site. It has only been online for a few weeks but “everybody” seems to be talking about it. Even the free newspaper De Pers wrote about it this morning (in Dutch). It struck me because […]

PHP hide_email() function

What is it?

A PHP function to protect the E-mail address you publish on your website against bots or spiders that index or harvest E-mail addresses for sending you spam. It uses a substitution cipher with a different key for every page load.

How does it work?

PHP encrypts your E-mail address and generates the javascript that decrypts […]